Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2010

Halloween festival is originated in the prehistoric Celtic Festival of Samhain, a festivity of Celts welcoming the wintry weather. In recent times, Halloween is observed every 31st of October and is now more celebrated for its activities that include a countless costume gatherings and parties, bonfires, trick and treats, and a lot more. Usually the themes for these gatherings vary from creepy to Gothic to amusing ones. There are some Halloween attires available in the market today for all ages varying from kids to adults. These attires can be creepy, amusing, sexy, or whatever thing that clings to ones fancy. Now that Halloween is coming up, you might want to choose your attires to pass up the eleventh-hour shopping rush and keep away from any frustrations afterward. In this article, we will help to make up your mind of Halloween finds for 2010.

Halloween costumes could be enthused by hit movies such as Alice in the Wonderland, Avatar, ‘Batman Costumes’ for younger boys. Traditional theme is Gothic as well as cartoon characters, famous movie personalities such as Cleopatra, Harry Potter or as good as any of ‘Star Wars’ character! The most popular still are past figures and things such Super Mario Luigi and Mario costumes which were originally from 1980’s and any other things that can be recycled around the house and a lot more.  The hottest Halloween costume this season is obviously the Jake Sully and Neytiri attires from the movie, Avatar since it is a box office hit.

Another favorite Halloween costume this year is Cinderella attire derived from the legendary Disney folk story movie. The costume is good for women as well as kids and normally goes together with gloves, choker and headdress to get the entire princess appearance. You can add a Cinderella wig while you are shopping to match your hairstyle with that character to complete a Cinderella look.

For young boys, Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story 3 seems to be another most loved preference among children. Accessories such as gloves, jet packs, goggles and cuffs are available as well to get a perfect Buzz Lightyear look for your son.

There are various costumes available as well for adult men such as Michael Jackson Billie Jane costume, Darth Vader costume, Scream poltergeist face costume, Halo 3 attire and a lot more. 
These are just a few of the most well-known Halloween costumes for this year 2010 and there are various online merchants offering these attires at really great costs. Make sure that you look into the internet for the best deals of costume of your choice before going to the mall for shopping. Take some time to read some reviews and get information from direct experience of past clients. Keep in mind always that you need to purchase these goods from apparent dealers seeing that there are several cases of scam happening over the internet as well.
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