Great Halloween Blast for 2010

Halloween is the one time a year when you can walk around in a ridiculous costume throwing around candy. It's the start of the holiday season. It's a great holiday for children as well as adults to participate in some fall frolicking together. Let your worries about the economy and the stress of everyday life fade for a night of ghoulish delight. Kick off your shoes and party in style or roam the streets with your favorite trick-or-treaters with these green tips in mind.

o A Monster Bash: You can't have a Halloween party without playing Michael Jackson's Thriller. Skip the DJ and download that tune plus many others onto your iPod to blast at your party. Once you have the great music it's all about the treats. Make your event homey with some homemade organic cookies shaped with Halloween themed cookie cutters. Use a pumpkin cake pan to make a cake shaped like a pumpkin. You can't go wrong with organic cider brewed by local farmers. Eco-friendly Halloween candy has been under the radar for years and is finally coming to the main market. Organic lollipops made from real fruit, endangered species chocolate bars which proceeds go to helping endangered animals make you feel good while having a tasty snack. Give your party an extra boost by making it a "Give Back" theme. Ask your guests to bring toys or money for Toys for Tots or another worthy cause in your area. Do you have a group of friends or children who are Halloween ready with no party to go to? You might want to try calling your nearest children center, senior citizen or retirement community and ask if you can join in on activities.

o Trick or Treat: It wouldn't be Halloween without them. But instead of giving the usual candy and cavities why not try reverse trick-or-treating? Find a charity or cause you like that supports kids. When you're on your trick or treat route tell each house that you would like them to give a penny, nickel, or quarter to donate to this charity. Many will be happy to oblige. At the end of the night you will walk away with a warm heart and a bag full of change for a good cause. It can get dark early and quickly this time of year so make sure your little one is carrying a LED flashlight when they leave the house. If you are going to be the one handing out the treats you might want some fair trade candy in your bucket of goodies. By buying fair trade candy you are making sure that the farmers who grow the cocoa beans and sugar canes are paid fair wages and the workers are in safe and healthy working conditions and not working in sweatshops for ten cents a day. Avoid eating candy that isn't wrapped that you receive while trick-or-treating; in addition to the germs not everyone has good intentions when handing out Halloween candy.

o Making a Shriek Shack: Nothing says Halloween more than a pumpkin on the front porch of a house with a scary carved face. Get your pumpkin from a local farmer. Use non-toxic paints to decorate your pumpkin; they're safer to use around children and pets. Use solar powered orange, green, and white lights around the house to save energy and cash. Want to make some organic shrunken heads? Take an organic apple that has been peeled or a mini pumpkin that's already gutted. Carve a scary face. Take one cup of lemon juice mixed with one tablespoon of salt and place your head in this solution for 5-7 days to complete your shrunken head. Beeswax and soy candles placed in an empty clean tin can poked with a nail to make holes create a scary ambiance. Old sheets stuffed with newspapers or old clothes and tied with a rubber band make ghosts; they can be placed in trees or around doorways.

o A Ghoul costume: The idea of going as something green is starting to catch on. A mother nature or mother earth costume can easily be made with a peasant outfit with a few leaves and flowers attached; make sure your hair is messy and frizzy and place a twig wreath on your head to complete. Go to your Halloween party as Al Gore; put on a nice dark suit with a white shirt and a dark colored tie. Carry a trophy with a label that says Nobel Prize or a copy of An Inconvenient Truth and you're good to go. If you don't have much money to buy a costume making one out of things you already own or going to the thrift store for cheap deals is never out of the question. Create a costume from something that's big in the news right now; it will make your costume one of the memorable ones. Be balloon boy by tying wire hangers together into the shape of the now infamous UFO and cover with aluminum foil not forgetting to leave three holes for your head and arms. Octomom or Kate Gosselin can be done by getting eight or more baby dolls and carrying them around.

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